The Departed

In Praise of Charlotte Ballinger

A few weeks ago I wrote briefly about Hilary Lee, a lady killed whilst cycling in Barnet, by all accounts a kind, charitable, much loved and respected person who, it appears, found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time and paid for it with her life. At the time it was mentioned that a member of the local clergy had been nearby and attended to Mrs Lee by adminstering the last rites. It turns out that person is Assistant Curate at St John the Baptist Church, Charlotte Ballinger.

Ms Ballinger has spoken about the experience in a podcast for the Church of England which you should listen to here. She has also used the opportunity to bring attention to the UN’s World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims which occurs this coming Sunday, 18th November.

Following her act of kindness Ms Ballinger was invited to take Mrs Lee’s funeral by her husband, Geoff.

“It meant a lot to me that she was able to take the service as I was grateful to her for going to the scene of the accident.”

Hilary & Geoff Lee

Hilary & Geoff Lee

Ms Ballinger added

“There was laughter and tears in equal measure. It was a celebration of the life of a very active and much loved woman but it was also an immensely sad occasion. Her life was cut short so suddenly and tragically.”

I’m sure there is no good explanation for why Mrs Lee has been taken from us, particularly cruelly as she and her husband were young retirees with a growing family, yet it is some small comfort to know that ladies such as she and Ms Ballinger exist to help make our lives a little better if by no other means than the inspiration provided by their good deeds and kind hearts.

There’s only one thing to add…

Chapeau Ms Ballinger, chapeau.


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