Liverpool PCT – Be Active, Be healthy strategy launch

This week sees the launch if the city’s Be active, Be healthy creating a moving culture strategy.

Its main aim is to increase participation in physical activity by two per cent each year which will be measured throughout the process by the independent Active People Survey.

An admirable goal, I hope they achieve it, we’ve yet to see the full document but the press release puts a lot of emphasis on doing ‘exercise’ and ‘activities’, even with greatly reduced fees these are still things people have to pay for and they have to make time in their day to do them.

There is barely any mention of cycling and where it is it is still in the context of a managed activity rather than a healthy mode of transport for everyday life, this despite the halo benefits it can bring to the city with regard to reducing poverty, increasing local spending and reducing congestion.

Bearing in mind that the last citywide Active City Sterategy saw

a 3 per cent increase in the number of residents who were sufficiently active between 2005 and 2011

It’s going to be challenging to see a ten percent increase over the next five years without making a truly moving culture that makes getting off ones arse a normal part of daily life rather than something done over and above the normal grind.

I do hope therefore that the Liverpool PCT will be incredibly active at demanding safe cycling infrastructure from the council as it will be perhaps the single most important means of them achieving their target.


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