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Fatalities by Year and Vehicle Type

There’s been some interest in the Fatalities Map in the last couple of days with people asking to see breakdown of the data, so for those who asked, here it is….

Here we have cyclists killed by type of vehicle, this is over 28 years and includes about 4,400 incidents, the names of vehicle classes have changed somewhat, it may be that a ‘Goods over 3.5 tonnes’ would now be a ‘Goods 7.5 tonnes mgw and over’ for example, there is no way to know for sure.Fatalities by Vehicle Type

Here we have a chart of cyclists killed by year and total distance travelled by bicycle for that year. Until the mid-nineties they fall in unison, since then cycling has increased a bit but fatalities have levelled off. There are numerous possible explanations for this

  • However poor it still remains there has been more cycling infrastructure built in the last fifteen years
  • Advancements in medical technology – people who may in the past have been a fatality are now ‘just’ a serious injury
  • Advancements in vehicle technology – eg EBD, ABS, tyres, headlights, better front end physical protection for pedestrians and cyclists
  • More recently, 20mph speed limits can turn fatalities into crashes that never happen.

Fatalities by Year

The same data presented as a table.

Fatalities by Year Table


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