The Departed

2012 STATS19 released

This week the STATS19 road accident data for 2012 has been released. The Times and I had recorded 122 deaths last year and the new data shows 118 but that’s not the full story there are actually some bigger differences.

These records appear on the STATS19 data but not on my list

06-May-12 Test Valley Male 66 – 75 Hampshire
24-May-12 Renfrewshire Male 56 – 65 Strathclyde
03-Jul-12 Northumberland Male 56 – 65 Northumbria
09-Jul-12 Kirklees Male Nov-15 West Yorkshire
14-Jul-12 East Hertfordshire Male Over 75 Hertfordshire
19-Jul-12 Weymouth and Portland Male 36 – 45 Dorset
12-Aug-12 West Lothian Male 66 – 75 Lothian and Borders
25-Aug-12 Liverpool Female 46 – 55 Merseyside
01-Nov-12 Coventry Male 26 – 35 West Midlands

And these records appear on my list but not the STATS19 data

25-Mar-12 Paul Derbyshire Draycott-in-the-Moors Male 36 – 45 Draycott-in-the-Moors
30-Mar-12 Peter Doidge Newton Abbey Male 36 – 45 Newton Abbey
02-May-12 Phil Dawn Nottinghamshire Male 26 – 35 Nottinghamshire
09-Jun-12 Georgia Ellen Flynn Trafford Female 16 – 20 Trafford
29-Jul-12 Paul Lake Wolverhampton Male 26 – 35 Wolverhampton
10-Aug-12 Anthony Phillips Droitwich Male 16 – 20 Droitwich
05-Sep-12 Delaney Brown Luton Male 16 – 20 Luton
05-Sep-12 Gordon Butler Glasbury Male Over 75 Glasbury
17-Oct-12 John Searle Shropshire Male 56 – 65 Shropshire
26-Oct-12 Stan Coates Sunderland Male 46 – 55 Sunderland
01-Nov-12 Sam Sloan Portadown Male 66 – 75 Portadown
20-Nov-12 Joseph Smith Grantham Male 46 – 55 Grantham
25-Nov-12 Donal Lucey Lisburn Male 46 – 55 Lisburn

Of those that I had recorded some must have been considered to be death by natural causes. Georgia Flynn’s death occurred on private roads, which is probably why it isn’t in STATS19. Delaney Brown’s death was later considered to be a murder. Sam Sloan and Donal Lucey were in Northern Ireland.

Of those recorded in STATS19 at first glance I can’t find any information about them other than the one that occurred in Liverpool, a lady who was hit by a man on a stolen scrambler bike while she was walking her bicycle across a road; and also one in Ware, a man in a collision with a bus. The rest seem to be largely made up of single vehicle incidents, which could be cyclists crashing by themselves or otherwise falling off.

At the moment I have left in all the deaths I had previously recorded and added in those from the STATS19 that I didn’t have, giving a total so far of 131.


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