Government invest £139,000 per car

Yesterday, the government released their Action for Roads report

electrically-powered vehicles are a growing presence in the vehicle market….Provided that these technologies are properly supported, ultra-low emission vehicles could eliminate much of the environmental damage from car travel. Drivers, currently beholden to the international fuel market, should see the cost of motoring fall.

We will now go further, and commit over £500 million of additional capital investment by 2020 to continue supporting industry and consumers in the switch to the latest low-carbon technology

So, what is this ‘growing presence’?

You what? 900 vehicles per quarter!

In 2011 3,580,000 bicycles were sold, that’s 895,000 per quarter and that was before the Wiggins effect of 2012

Or to put the tabloid spin on that,

Government invests £500m in electric cars when only 3600 are bought each year… that’s £139,000 per car!

I can sense the editor of the Daily Mail inching towards his phone with a job offer for me.


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