ASA asses assess adverts

The ASA have decreed that and advert for the Niceway Code should be banned because it shows a cyclist cycling utterly irresponsibly without a helmet and also cycling away from the kerb which they think might be a bit dangerous because it makes cars overtake properly.

Of course the only thing to do when jumped it little tosspots go around banning things is to make sure it get seen as far and wide as possible, so here it is


And here’s the whole video

And to these people

Five complainants challenged whether the ad was irresponsible and harmful, because it showed a cyclist without a helmet or any other safety attire, who was cycling down the middle of the road rather than one metre from the curb.

Be you ‘concerned parents’ or ‘concerned motorists’, screw you too.

make sure we spread the word

ASA asses


2 thoughts on “ASA asses assess adverts

  1. If adverts involving cycling are to be banned on the basis of perceived health risks perhaps cyclist should retaliate and complain about all adverts containing images of people in or near water who are not wearing life jackets. RoSPA statistics clearly show that far more people drown than are killed in cycling accidents. Then we can move on to adverts with alcohol, tobacco or products containing sugar in them.

  2. Not to mention any adverts showing penis-substitutes being driven ‘in the right hand lane’ for any reason. Presumably that will include banning any advert showing an overtaking manoeuvre on a single carriageway road? They must drive awfu’ slowly, these ASA folk

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