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Juries fail us once again

A driver who told a jury how he could not see a cyclist due to being blinded by the sun has been let off even the most lenient of charges of causing death by driving without due care and attention.

The legal system is the cyclist’s final protection against the moral hazard of driving. Without consequences for bad driving then motorists might as well risk the lives of vulnerable road users. 99.9% of the time they will get where they want to be faster. 0.1% of the time they might have an accident and be late, but if there are no other consequences then it is worth risking other people’s lives, there’s nothing to lose.

I refer you to two posts I have made in the past about the legal system failing cyclists.


5 thoughts on “Juries fail us once again

  1. As he was driving a mini bus, was the vehicle properley insured, taxed, mot,ed and licenced, did the driver have the relevant licence and training, was his eyesight up to the levels required, was he issued with sunglases,in a driving job a few years ago i got the management to pay £25 for a pair of sunglases for driving the works van as i classed them as personal protective equipment same as safety glases working in a factory or building site.

    He should have been convicted ,banned, and vehicle crushed, no matter who owned it, i would want ANYONE, who cant tell the difference between a bus stop and a cyclist driving anything.

  2. Isn’t this something for a 52 degrees petition?
    If enough people wrote to their MP the law would be changed. Like in Denmark.

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  5. The local paper report that this incident happened at 8.48am and the road was not fully reopened until 4pm. I would assume that claiming you had been blinded by the sun is a fairly common defence after running into someone. However the police seem totally unable to comment on the accuracy of the driver’s claim despite a seven hour investigation. Perhaps some of the millions spent on the heinous crime of hacking the phones of the rich and famous could have been spent on a proper investigation into this case.

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