The author was born and raised in Merseyside and has lived and worked in both Liverpool and the Wirral. A cyclist since he was a boy but also a petrolhead. Driving just stopped being fun and became too expensive and slow. You can contact him at love_velo at btinternet.com


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Adrian

    I write for Road.CC and Spin Cycle Magazine and live in Crosby.

    Would you like to comment in a forth coming article on the Liverpool cycle infracstructure we’re preparing for Spin Cycle?

    Kind regards


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  3. Hi, I have an update for your map. The fatality in Wendover, Buckinghamshire on 04/10/1985 was my uncle Andrew Dicken Robins. I’m not sure if he was 21 or 22, but I do know he had just got engaged and the woman who hit him was only fined.
    Sorry I don’t have any more info, I was just a baby when it happened. When I’m next at my parents I will try to dig out a photo, and find out more about him.
    Thanks for doing this, it is really important to make people aware just how dangerous cars are to cyclists.

    Thanks Jess

    • Hi Jess, Thanks for the info and very sorry to hear about your uncle, I’ve updated the map with his name. A photo or newspaper cutting would really be appreciated. Best wishes.

      • Hi i am the wife of Adrew Diccon Robins who died 04,10,1985 we had just got married earlier in the year we where a very happy couple looking forward to a long a happy life together .i feel that a fine was not enough but most of all i have never wanted anyone else to feel the great sadness and pain i felt
        Bridget Thomas

  4. Hi,

    I have an update for you – The collision on the corner of Bishopsgate and Primrose street in London on the 11th June 2002, was Tomer Geva, he died the following day. He was an Israeli living in London. He was 29 at the time. He was my boyfriend / partner.

    The driver wasn’t convicted.

    I also noticed that lower down bishopsgate (by liverpool street station) you have an entry saying a female Israeli died on the 1st June 2002?? I thought that this was maybe a duplication, or some of Tomer’s details have got mixed up with someone else- as that would be a very strange coincidence -two Israeli cyclists on the same stretch of road within 10 days of each other? I’d like to know if you have any info though?

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